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Why do I have to pay for SelBuk a yearly or monthly fee while other apps are just one time charge?

  • SelBuk is not just an application. It is a complete integrated system that requires support, maintenance and constantly updates to comply with Apple new operating systems or rules. It also covers constant improvements to provide users the latest tools for a growing business.


How to type a text that would be shown on the invoice?

The notes that you place at the end of each order or invoice may have a default initial content, to enter the initial content follow the next steps:

  • Tap on Settings > Sales Orders > Orders > Show Order Notes
  • The text that you type in will appear on the following finished orders


When is the inventory been modified?

SelBuk manages two quantities Inventory and Available

Inventory refers to what must have physically at the store, the warehouse or where you have your goods.

Available refers to what is in the inventory less what is in the orders for shipping. For example if we have 100 units of a product in store and several orders with a total of 30 units to be shipped, the users will be able to know that out of the 100 units there are 70 units available to offer.

The inventory value is modified under the following conditions
  • When shipping an order, not when it is create or when creating the invoice
  • When a shipped invoice is voided or modified
  • When receiving products from a purchase order, not when creating the purchase order.
The available value changes in the following cases
  • When creating a sales order, not when shipping it or creating the invoice
  • When a sales order is voided or modified
  • When receiving the products from a purchase order, not when it is created


If you do not want the Cloud Service, Could you update somehow manually three (3) devices so that they have the same data base products?

  • No, to keep all information without losing it, what does each device requires a server that holds the total of all and allows sharing such information.


If you purchase an annual license for three (3) devices, to access the application in each device Is it with a different user? Or Is it a single user that could be use simultaneously in the three devices?

  • Basic + Cloud allows different e-mail users for each one, but each device is identify differently. So that the transactions can be identified by each device.

  • Silver, Gold Platinum allows a different e-mail for each user and different levels of access or permissions. For example, you can block the sales team to only see what regards to sales and each seller sees only his own.


I can see that the application is very good and functional. Are there any plans or there is an application that could be used in other operative systems, for example Android? Or is it only going to be in products with iOS?

  • At the moment we only have iOS version and web version for those who have cloud service.


Payment for the renewal of licenses fulfilled a year is automatic? Or should be re-done the payment process?

  • It is automatic on the credit/debit card that is registered.


Which are the appropriate image sizes for products?

The following are the suggest sizes so that they will be displayed with proportions and appropriate sizes. SelBuk adjusts them when they are oversize, but it is recommended to fit them to the right size given. That is to keep proportions and do not show white backgrounds or any other color. If you want to use iPhone and iPad with different users, we suggest the iPad format, because in iPhone there is not much difference as it is in iPad.

iPad version 70 pix wide x 70 pix tall
iPhone version 114 pix wide x 114 pix tall
iPhone HD version 228 pix wide x 228 pix tall

iPad version 370 pix wide x 280 pix tall
iPhone version 320 pix wide x 418 pix tall
iPhone HD version: 640 pix wide x 836 pix tall

iPad version 1024 pix wide x 748 pix tall


How to load Products using CSV files

If you need to load a large amount of products into the SelBuk system, the best way to do it is by using our tool from the web version. File > CSV & Images > DATA > Products > press button Sample File - More info

Please follow this rules and steps to do it the right way:

  • Open the attached file and use it as a template.
  • Once you understand each column of the sample, you can proceed to delete all rows except the first one as it the direct relation with the database. You can type in every line or copy from other file.
  • Paste column by column not all at a time and only the ones you need.
  • If you are going to copy from other file, do not paste all as a rich text, please use the mouse right click button and use the "Paste Special / Unicode Text" mode to avoid other character not seeing to be added to the database.
  • As "," is the separator character do no include "," in any ways, if you feel that a "," can be anywhere use the "Edit / Replace" option to replace all "," by " " (spaces).
  • The very last column must include the text "eol" (end of line) on every row, without it a file cannot be uploaded at all.


What makes SelBuk so special compared with other similar products?

  • SelBuk is a unique systems built from our own ideas, needs and hundreds of users suggestions who have been involved since 2008 when we first launch version 1.0 and no other applications were on the AppStore by then.
  • It is the only integrated systems that allows users to work fully functional without been connected 100% to the Internet.
  • The real time sync does not transfer files or backups, it only transfer what is needed to update the server or the user device in terms of data changes.
  • A very fast, friendly and intuitive interface to run many process easy and transparent.
  • Along with this there are much more reasons that makes SelBuk the best and more reliable systems to help your business on the go.


How to delete sales orders?

A sales order can be deleted or voided, they both have the same action, but when deleted they will not be able to be recovered any longer as they will completely disappear.

When a sales order is being deleted or voided, you are affecting available items and sales records, but not inventory or receivable bills. The inventory is affected when items are shipped and receivable bills when the invoices are voided or deleted.

Invoices always are attached to a sales order even if the invoice has been created straight from the basket, it will have an order number. For users protection Invoices can not be deleted in one step, they can be voided then the order can be either voided or deleted as well.

To delete an order or invoices please follow these steps:

  • Tap on Database > Sales / Invoices > All orders and search for the order, open it
  • At the right top side of the menu, tap on the circle with a minus sing icon. More info


I have changed my device. I want to use the app on the new one. How can I do this change?

Make sure that you have a backup or synced the mobil device to do the following steps:
  • Go to SelBuk.com
  • Login with your E-mail and password
    • If it is Small Business
      • On the chart Plan & Service
      • Look for the Column DEL, Click on the letter D and then say Ok; To confirm deleting the device
      • Then click on update
    • If it is Basic, Basic + Cloud, Silver, Gold or Platinum
      • Users & Devices
      • On the Devices section identify the device
      • Click on the “D” under the Delete Column
      • Click on OK, to confirm deleting the device > Update
Once you have done your option
  • Go to your mobile device and tap on the SelBuk icon to register the new device
  • More info


How to show only available items on the Catalog?

To be able to show only the available products on the Catalog list and the PDF it is important to understand this:

  • Available items are not the same as items in stock, you can have 100 pieces on the warehouse, but at the same time some orders or invoices with a total of 30 pieces not shipped yet. In this case, Available items are only 70 not 100.
  • By default all products should be shown and displayed on the catalog, if you do not want to show non available items tap on Settings > Products > Catalog and have the "Only Available Products" switch ON
  • More info


 How to delete transactions or all to start over?

This is not just a single task to do as it depends on the type of the account and the services added, so please make sure to know what steps have to be done according to your account.

  • Accounts with no Cloud (Basic)
    • If you want to erase and start all over, simply tap on Settings > Restore > Restore as new.
    • If you want to keep the Products, Clients, Providers and delete all transactions, we do not have a one click option for that and the only way to do it. It is one by one.

  • Accounts with Cloud - Basic+C, Silver, Gold Platinum: Please note that the Cloud Server is the primary database that receives and sends data to every device when they sync, so the right way to go is by resetting the Cloud database first.

    If you want to erase and start all over
    • Login at the web version then click on Settings > Restore > Restore as new. More info
    • When it finishes, logout and login again at web.SelBuk.com until you see the main menu options
    • Sync the main mobile and then all devices one by one to upload the data on them.

If you want to keep Products, Clients, Providers and delete all transactions, please sync and email us at support@selbuk.com the request to do it on the server then we will email you back to ask to sync to have all transactions cleared up.


How to get the report on products in stock?

  • Press on Reports > Reports Inventory > All Products > Total items
  • When in the report total items, you may see the inventory as PDF  CSV. You may sort in many ways, export, print or send by email. 
  • More info


How to start Small Business with Cloud Service?

Register the licenses that you need and the Cloud Service SelBuk Small Business from SelBuk.com > Store

  • When you have completed the order, you may continue entering products and clients in two ways, but you have to choose one.

    • From the web version, once you have entered enough data. You may keep synchronizing the devices that you want to be working with.
    • From a mobile device, download the version from AppStore, SelBuk fro iPad or iPhone green icon. From only a device start adding the data until you have done the first sync. Afterwards, the other devices may sync before doing any activity on them. The mobile version may be downloaded free from Apple iTunes


When and how to update?

Updates are constantly done to offer new options to improve current procedures, to correct mistakes, and to be up to date with the changes made on operating systems. That is why it is so important to have the latest version. Before you do synchronization, it is useful to know the following:

  • Apple notifies each user from App Store, when there is a new version to update

  • In the list of new things shown by iTunes about our application, we do not list all of them, but just the most important. Each user may see if it is appropriate or not to do so based on that list.

  • If you have the Cloud Service, it is important that before updating synchronize with the server. That way if there is any trouble, everything is saved at the server. If you do not have the Cloud Service, you have to make a new backup copy and saved it in your computer.

    In some cases, once a device is synchronized with the new version, all the other ones should be updated in order to synchronize with the server otherwise the server will not be able to synchronize until you upgraded. Those cases are also posted by us in the news shown by iTunes.


How to make a return?

To make a return please follow these steps:
  • Sales > Returns > Select Customer > Select Product
  • Select the order > Select the amount you want to return
  • Tap on the basket
  • Tap on the icon R
  • Pop-up window: Finish return > type in the data to finish the return
  • Save
  • More info


What is the best way to setup my business and have all my data in SelBuk ready to work?

  • Once you get registered with Cloud Service included, you will find an option from the web version to upload data in multiple easy ways with brief details of what each file has to include and sample files to use. That is from File > CSV & Images > Data. More info


How can I make sure SelBuk is the software that fits my business needs?

  • You may first download the free apps from the Apple AppStore and run it on the testing mode which is fully functional as stand alone interface. Then get registered with our 30 days trial no risk 100% guarantee to use the complete system including, database integration on cloud, the administrator interface to configure users or devices, real time sync and much more.


If I download any of these versions, will I be able to restore my database which is currently backed up on my Cloud?

  • Yes, once you complete the registration using the same email address, your current backups will be relocated to allow users to restore the data to the new system from a File option at the web version


How to change the users Data?

  • Small Business version:
    • Go to SelBuk.com > Login. Once you have logged with you user go to My Account. The changes that you do will be seen in your device the next time you log with an internet connection available.
  • Basic + C, Silver, Gold and Platinum

    • Login at SelBuk.com > Account Management.
    • Click on User & Devices
    • On the Section User Click o the "E" from Edit column
    • Every user has its own information and once you change it there it will be reflected on the device next time SelBuk is open.


How to setup a specific price list per Customer?

  • Tap on Settings > Sales Orders > Discount Structure > Type and make it as Specific Client ($).
  • Then tap on Database > Clients >Select a Client > Price List > Select the Price List and Save.
  • Once you complete the settings process and want to process a sales order, the specific price selected will be displayed at first, but it can be modified if you have that options set to ON on Settings > Sales Orders > Orders > Modify Sale Price (When placing orders).
  • More info


How to include any custom field on PDF documents?

  • Tap on Database > Products and select any product
  • On the five custom fields box tap on the name of the field you want to display on documents
  • There you are able to change the name and select whether you want to see it when placing orders or on the PDF documents as part of the description field.
  • More info


How to read barcodes in SelBuk?

  • Barcodes in SelBuk can be entered either manually or by using the camera on the mobile device. For more info.   


Inventory can become negative?

  • When you make a sale without available inventory, this will be reflected negatively in the available field because the order has been shipped. Therefore, an inventory adjustment is necessary to set the amount of your actual inventory or make the adjustment with the amount that is negative. More info


How much is a SelBuk license?

You may see the cost of SelBuk License at this link 


What to do when you cannot sync the device

  • When syncing the device and it is not completing the process, there could be an issue with memory or internet connection. So you should do the following on the device 
    • Close SelBuk and all other apps open 
    • Turn your device off for a few seconds 
    • Once you have your device active, make sure that you have internet connection 
    • Login just at SelBuk
    • Try to sync (More > Sync > Sync now > Continue)
      • Keep in mind that the device should sync not do a restore data from the cloud. If it is so, cancel and send an email to support@selbuk.com


How to remove orders/invoices whitin a date rage 

You may do it at the web version from Settings > Restore > Remove orders on the following screen select the time rate you need, fisrt year, month day. More Info 

Keep in mind the following : This process will create a backup, then remove from the cloud all orders older than the specified date and finally create a process to remove the same order on all devices on their next synchronization.

The process will not affect the actual inventory on the products.


Is it possible that the sales people do not remove the orders?

Of course, If you do not want trhe sales pepole to delete the orders, but just void them please take a look at here 


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