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      Inventory Report

On the device, you may get the Reports Inventory at Main Menu > Reports > Reports Invenory

Main menu > Reports > 


Reports > Reports Inventory > All products


The Price on the sale by default is on price A, if you want to change it for any of the sales prices A, B, C, D or E, you may do so at the icon Settings > Sale price


Inventory Report> Settings > Sale price > select a price from the list 



If you want to use Available or Stock, you may do it on this screen


To get the PDF or File the delimeted by commas of the full report press on Total Items > send icon > PDF or CSV


To show the columns on the report press on the settings icon. Up to 6 fields can be selected at a time.


On the web versión

Reports > Inventory.


You may select the category or supplier. Also you may export the CSV file format.


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