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Life is a game of momentum… so is business. And in a world where technology and communication are linked to one another, would you want to be the business that is left behind in the MOBILE revolution?

If your answer is NO, then imagine your business operating 24/7 anywhere in the world. Imagine your teams communicating clearer and faster and acting on leads almost instantly; envision a “sales-to-accounts-receivable cycle” drastically reduced putting money back in your pocket so you can reinvest and help your business grow.

What’s more, imagine not only increasing revenue, but also cutting costs by maximizing financial and human capital through streamlined processes that minimizes a business’s worst enemy, wasted time. 

What is the result, increased profits in the palm of your hand!

Introducing SelBuk Enterprise! A patent pending, revolutionary new mobile business management system designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Best of all, you need not break the bank to become a SelBuk member.

How does it work?

Once your company’s relevant information is uploaded into the cloud powered system, all you need is a handheld device or tablet and you are joining the few best-in-class companies globally who have gone mobile. This simple process can be done at the home or office and if help is needed, SelBuk representatives are standing by.

By integrating multiple front and back office functions such as point-of-sale, inventory management, client relationship management and supply chain management, to name just a few, SelBuk Enterprise provides business with the ability to:

  • Deliver quicker and more complete client service
  • Improve efficiency
  • Accelerate processes
  • Enhance transparency
  • Foster entrepreneurship and accountability
  • Increase loyalty

SelBuk makes management’s job that much easier by providing a real-time holistic view of the business’ day-to-day and long term activities; allowing management to evaluate strategies and tactics on-the-go.

Key differentiators:

Integrated solution that seamlessly combines front and back office functions including:

  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • Project management
  • Reporting


Ability to remotely access devices to disable or lock the data to prevent access to unauthorized users.

A tradeshow first. 
Featuring a multi-client, multi-basket function. Users have the ability to place orders, scan, email, invoice, pay and print – all in one go!

Multilingual function featuring multiple dialects. 
Whether you or your clients do business in more than one language, SelBuk Enterprise gives you the opportunity to work in any language of your, your client and your Sales Force’s choice at a click of a button.  Currently available in TEN languages and growing…

Personalized | Branded system
As a growing business, we understand the importance of branding and how the value and meaning of your brand deliver customer loyalty. The company has the ability to “brand” it and use it as part of its many marketing efforts.

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SelBuk is the most complete application to increase your business revenue. Ability to have on hand * Product Catalog * Inventory * Coming or in-production units * Price List * Customers info & sales records * Providers information Abilty to: * Create/Send Quotes, Orders, Invoices * Generate multiple reports * Collect Payments * Manage expenses * Import/Export all data * Backup * Other tools Functionality * Quick search by code or name * Multiple price list structures * On sale and Discontinued products * Custom fields for additional specs * Tax percentage individually per product * Email quotes, orders, invoices in PDF * Multiple discount structures * Multiple payment terms * Take payments in diferent ways Reports * Inventory * Sales * Payments * Unpaid invoices * Tax Collected * Expenses Quick Search * Customers * Products * Quotes * Orders and/or invoices * Providers Customization * Login Access * Inventory * Products * Catalog * Currency format * Taxes * Discount structures * Orders * Custom quantities * Invoices * Sales reports * Inventory reports * Backup files * Restore Other Tools * Full backup and restore system * Custom backup * Sample file * Note pad * Wi-Fi Disk