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      About Us


SelBuk is a mobile business solutions company founded on the premises that all growing businesses deserve and should have access to the same technologies as those available to best-in-class companies. SelBuk does so by offering growing companies access to innovate, affordable SaaS (software as a service) mobile solutions that integrate front and back office functions, optimize processes and maximize revenue.
SelBuk’ patent pending software as a system (“SaaS”) solutions SelBukTM have already helped over 3,000 growing businesses worldwide gain a competitive advantage by increasing their efficiency and maximize their human and financial capital.  

Is your business a growing business?

Then SelBuk is the right partner for you!  If you are and individual or small to medium size business, we can be your partner in the development of technologically-savvy mobile applications. 



SelBuk started out as a family-owned business looking for a mobile solution to its business processes.  Despite failed attempts to use and implement systems and solutions available in the marketplace, we realized that there was no single solution to meet a growing business’ IT and mobile needs without breaking the bank.

Thus, in 2008, the founder set out to build a system for himself.  It started out as “Sales Control” –a simple POS application to be used at trade shows.  This application significantly reduced the cycle between sale and delivery thus boosting the sales and invoicing cycles. Clients and peers alike discovered the immense benefits of the simple application.  Soon enough, our simple application was being sold in several continents and the demand for additional features was increasing.

In the years to follow, we continued to work closely with clients.  Effectively and promptly responding to their input and converting their feedback and wishes into must-have features in order to make the sales, inventory and eventually, supply chain processes a more integrated, time and cost-saving exercise.

Parallel to this, our development team continued to work closely with our client relationship managers and our marketing team in order to develop a more complete system. One that would not only allow for a more speedy sales process, but one that would help strengthen a growing business’ business and mobile strategies.

Today, we are proud to bring to market SelBuk Enterprise.  A complete business management system that integrates back and front office functions. Please visit our SelBuk page at [click here].

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