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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have changed my device. I want to use the app on the new one. How can I do this change? Back

    Do the following steps:

    • Go to selbuk.com
    • Login with your E-mail and password
      • If it is Small Business
        • On the chart under "Small Business one year license per device"
        • Look for the Column DEL, Click on the letter D and then say Ok; To confirm deleting the device
        • Then click on update

      • If it is Enterprise
        • My Account > Users & Devices Configuration
        • Select the device
        • Click on the ā€œDā€ under the Delete Column
        • Click on OK, to confirm deleting the device
        • Then update

    Once you have done your option
    • Go to your device and tap on the SelBuk icon to register the new device



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